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Turkish Ts Merve

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    my favorite ts escorts in london

    i have 6 favorite  ts in london 1. Turkish ts merve  she is located in london  - i have met her my experience was 9/10 2. Ts marcella hills  based in london  -  experience overall  8/10 3. Liah Ferreira  she is travelling  to the uk sometimes -  never meet  maybe one day ! 4. Ts Helen Rivera ...
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    Natasha Folks - London

    Visited Natasha last week and fully enjoyed the experience. she didn't look like her pics cause her pics were photoshopped Natasha was accommodating, offered a shower both before, and after, sex, clearly knows what she's doing in the bedroom, happy to kiss and excellent hygiene and was more...
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    any ts escort in newcastle

    any  nice ts escort in newcastle area will be travelling up there 4 work wanna have fun  if you met with a trans escort in the area can you pls share who you went to & how was the experience ?  who would you recommend ?
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