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Ts yazmin - Cardiff
Met ts yazmin while i was in cardiff she is in the city centre nice and simple parking in the city centre  car park.
so i have arrived  was asked to call when parked up  once i parked walked towards her street  called up and was guided towards the flat  she told me to enter the key code and went upstairs

It was so easy to find it knocked  the door and was greeted  by her lovely persian look  beauty  i would definitely say  tanned skin, dark eyes, black hair. she was wearing a set of laundrette  blown my mind away  so attractive !

got into the bedroom has some chat with her it was my second experience with her so was kind of nervous she put me at ease asked me what exactly do i like  and i said i want to make a love with her & suck her cock we started kissing then sucking  its was so hot ?

sucking her hard cock was incredible beautiful  she flipped me over and slided her cock in my tight ass  and cum all over its was great experience with her
could not find her link her adds seems not active
don't you have a link or something cant find he online
(08-27-2020, 09:45 PM)sisiy11 Wrote: I had a meet arranged with her a few months back
it didn't end well she was telling me shes got client after me  non stop like she wanted me to leave quickly nothing has started !
after that i've asked  if i can  top her  she said no it not included in the price What the hell
i didn't pay for handjob ! just left it after 15 mins
Just left it in the end,
what’s the point in paying her if she is not doing her job properly !

her number +44 755 100 75 42

location :  edinburg 
paid 80£ for 30 mins booking  left after 15 mins 

i don see any pictures of ts yazmin

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