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Turkish Ts Merve

A cuddle with Paddington Ts escorts


Jul 24, 2021
They may not be Paddington teddy bears but I love cuddling Paddington escorts, I love cuddling my Paddington escorts. There are many reasons you should consider dating Paddington escorts, but I happen to think that Paddington girls are the cutest and sexiest escorts in London. I love every minute that I spend with Paddington hot babes, and I know that many other chaps feel the same way about these very special girls. Not all escorts around London are the same, and not all escorts agency operate in the same way. I think that many of the top agencies in London have girls who are more interested in money instead. They want to date gents from out of town, who don’t mind throwing a lot of cash at them. Us local London boys feel a bit different, and this is why so many of us turn to girls like Paddington escorts. We like to date girls who can give us that genuine girlfriend experience, and this is means that we often end up in the arms of Paddington escorts. We all work in the City so that means that our jobs are really stressful. Having down time becomes a priority and I would always prefer to tale my down time in the arms of a pretty woman.

Chilling out with Paddington Ts escorts

I just love to chill out with Paddington escorts. Most chaps only date during the weekend, but I like to sneak in a date during the week as well. Sometimes I get really stressed and tense in work, and it just comes from all of the hassle that you get working in the City of London. This is after all the main financial district in London, and I find that it is easy to get a date with Paddington escorts. A lot of the girls have apartments which are not a million miles away from my own. Living in Paddington has its benefits sometimes, and it certainly comes in handy when I feel the need to see my lovely Paddington ladies. During the weekend I like to go out with my Paddington escorts. We have quite a wild time, and go out partying. It is just me, but normally it is a whole crowd of us from work. I love it, and London really is a great party town. A lot of the lads in work date Paddington escorts as well, so the weekend almost becomes a bit of a team building exercise.

Dating in the week
You can almost be sure that you can get a date with Paddington escorts 24/7, and that is great. When I get too stressed during the week, I like to pop out to see the girls. I don’t do anything special but it is nice to be able to stop by for a sensual massage. This is something that the girls are really good at, and it is just so relaxing. In the City, you spend time on the trading floor, or you sit in front a computer. it can get you really tense and stressed out. Also, you also have your boss on your back a lot, and that can get you stressed as well. Most of the time when Wednesday comes around, I am really stressed and need to see my Paddington escorts. Once I have had a date with one of my favorite Paddington escorts, I normally feel a lot better.

Bachelor with Paddington Ts escorts

I have had genuine girlfriends, but I don’t feel that I have the time for them a the moment. It would be nice to have somebody come home to but most of the time, I am home really late. It is okay but if you want to be in a relationship, I don’t that this sort of lifestyle would ever work. The girls that I date at the agency make great girlfriends. The fact that they are all gorgeous and drop dead sexy is another major advantage, and I am just like any other guy, I enjoy a bit of sexy companionship. The girls that I date are sort of girl friends with extra benefits. That is what I like to call them, and most of the time the girls don’t mind. I am not the best when it comes to giving a woman a compliment, and I know that even escorts appreciate a compliment. And why, shouldn’t they. They are just regular girls after all and we all need to hear something good every day.
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