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alice fox glasgow review


New member
Aug 12, 2020

Alice Fox Glasgow  Heart

I have been looking at her photos a few years now,i have to try
i was on  work trip to glasgow so
Built up the courage  Rang up booked appointment she's given the address.
arrived 5 mins late after stucking in the traffic anyway
she opened the door she looked fabulous 
Dressed in sexy tight dress,entered kiss on the lip.
she  was so nice i was kinda nervous but she put me on a ease

slow touching kissing,I felt something bulging in her underwear

I could feel it was thick cock ,
She made me suck it and really went for it fucking my mouth for 15 mins.

She loves kissing so we kissed a lot
then i wanted to feel her cock  in my bum she fucked me so hard
after that she cum all over my face i licked it all

she was the best ts escort in glasgow
loved it


New member
Aug 12, 2020
i have been to her a few times she does tour in the uk got her in london and glasgow she is kind but our second meeting was kind of weird she wasn't eager to do anything so i can't say what was the reason i would maybe visit her if she is willing to to everything
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