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Turkish Ts Merve

Ana de Aguirre - MEXICANA ANITA - Portsmouth - UK- Review


New member
Jan 20, 2021
i have met ana as known anita her photos real but her english is terrible i have contacted her for a booking as she doesn't answer her phone most of the time is via text !
arranged most of the appointment by text. I met her at her place, I took shower when i came out of the shower she was having lunch !!!
unbelievable after she had her meal we went to bathroom she told me to take off my clothes as i did when she came closer her breath was stinks as a rubbish !!!!! terrible at least she could have brushing her teeth i told her i don't kiss it was the biggest disadvantages ever !
i told her i wanna fuck her doggy as she made big scene by saying no way i cant im very tight it hurts etc. after that i told her i want my money back if she doesn't do anything after that she agreed its was the biggest mistake i have made !!! i put my dick in her when i take it out massive shit came out !!!!!! room covered with a shit smell i washed it and left !!! never again !!!
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