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 turkish ts merve

Caulay x - TS Escort - Bad Girl - Birmingham


New member
Oct 30, 2020
met with her in a Budget hotel near Pogoda round about in city centre.

Comms: she always picked up when I called but her availability for in-call was limited.  I figured  that i have to call her to make a booking when ever her add is live otherwise she is not available so i got her called and made the booking.  

 Girl: the pics I've attached are reasonably accurate. She doesn't look as classy as she does in the pics, she has a more chav look about her. She was wearing a short sporty dress when I met her. Cock is probably 7inch hard but I never saw it hard. She was shaved but note she probably hadn't shaved her legs, breasts, that morning and I could feel ever so slight bristle but not enough to bother me.

 Meet I went for the 15 min quickie for 60£ Arrived, and went straight to room. Magic door. She got onto the bed and just waited for me to undress. Some small chat. Got on bed and she took hold of my cock and started stroking it. I asked her if she kisses and she said yes and so we kissed throughout, not deep french kiss but more them just lips. Tiny bit of tongue and it got more deeper as we went through session. She has big soft lips. I enjoy kissing so this is important to me.

 She asked me if I like to have my cock sucked and I said yes. We moved into a 69 and did that for a bit. Her cock couldn't get hard . We got into missionary and I fucked her for a bit. Both she and I were hoping her cock would get hard but it didn't. I raised my knees to my chest area so she could hump my ass but as she was soft it didn't really work so she gave me a light fingering. Eventually I said I want to fuck her, rubber on, and we did a bit with her cow girl, and then a bit with her on back and in missionary.

 I eventually came and she took off my condom and gave me tissues to tidy up. I said next time she fucks me and she apologized saying she had just come for the client b4. Some more small chat and I walked out at the 15min mark. I would rate at somewhere between positive and neutral. Probably won't return again, but more than worth a quickie at that price or even the 100 for 30mins if you can go that long. She is not a clock watcher. Also you should clarify with her when you book that it is full sex for 60£ cos when I said I want to fuck her she said 'okay, if you are quick'. At the time I thought it was cos we were more that half way into time at that stage but looking back on it it could have been that she doesn't do full sex in the quickie slot.
 i know i m asking everything for 60£ but she mentioned that full sex what can i do


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