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Turkish Ts Merve



Aug 9, 2021
Are you partial to a bit of DATY? Then why not hire one of our DATY London escorts? Many of our escorts love DATY and are always keen to meet men who enjoy pleasuring them in this way. Our DATY escorts include Hazel, an adventurous escort with huge 36G tits, and slim and sultry brunette Jennifer, whose other hobbies include 69, BDSM, CIF, COB, and Deep Throat! We have a huge selection of DATY London escorts on our books and so are able to cater to all tastes. Whatever type of woman you like, we can match you with the perfect escort.

What is DATY?

DATY is an acronym for Dining At The “Y”. This refers to eating a woman out. It is so-called because when a woman spreads her legs, she is in the shape of Y. Eating out is a term for cunnilingus, which is oral sex performed by a person on a female’s genitalia. This might include the clitoris, other parts of the vulva, or the vagina. The clitoris is by far the most sexually sensitive part of a woman’s genitalia and stimulating it with your tongue and lips often results in a powerful orgasm. Cunnilingus is often performed as part of foreplay with our DATY London escorts in order to incite arousal before vaginal or anal intercourse.

Do Women Enjoy Receiving Oral Sex?

Whilst it’s true that some women have negative feelings or inhibitions about receiving oral sex, or refuse to engage in it, many really enjoy it. When you consider that 70-80% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, this is no surprise. For most women, orgasm is easily achieved by oral sex because of the direct stimulation of the clitoris that is usually involved in the act. One thing’s for sure, our DATY London escorts can’t get enough oral and are always get excited when a man they’re dating tells them that they love eating out.

The Best Positions for DATY

The first thing to do when it comes to DATY finds the perfect position for your escort to be in. This is very important as if she’s not relaxed, she’s not going to enjoy it. A good idea is to start with the missionary position. Place a cushion or pillow under her ass in order to lift her pelvis up. This will give you great leverage and make her feel fantastic. Any position which offers you oral access to her crotch is suitable for this sex act.

You could try doggy style, which basically involves your escort crouching on all fours, while you eat her out. Face-sitting is also a good option and involves her sitting on or just above your face. This position gives her more control over her body movements. The spread-eagle position is similar to missionary except that her arms and legs are spread wide. Physical restraints may be used.

How to Give her Good Head

If you’ve never eaten pussy before, you may be feeling unsure about what exactly you should be doing down there. Once you have found the perfect position for your escort to be in, use your fingers to open her genital lips. This will enable your tongue to better stimulate her clit. Spreading her legs wide will also open the vulva enough for you to reach her clit with your tongue. It’s good, to begin with gentle stimulation of the whole genital area. Use the tip, blade, and even the underside of your tongue to massage her. You might also use your chin, nose, lips, and teeth. In terms of movements, they can be slow or fast, regular or erratic, according to your escort’s preferences. You could insert your tongue into her vagina, either stiffened or moving. If you feel comfortable, you could also hum in order to produce vibration!
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