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Domination London Escorts

Escort Blog

Jun 20, 2021
Are you seeking London escorts who are into domination? Then you’ll be spoilt for choice at London Escorts. Whether you want to dominate a stunning escort or you want her to dominate you, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy the experience so much that you’ll want to repeat it again and again.

Domination in the bedroom is insanely hot and can result in mind-blowing sex that you won’t forget in a hurry. 2015’s smash movie 50 Shades of Grey thrust BDSM into the spotlight and so it’s no surprise that more and more men and women are choosing to try dominance and submission practices between the sheets.

Do Women Like Being Dominated?

Many women do indeed enjoy being dominated (including several of our domination escorts in London!). However, not always for the same reason. BDSM can include sensation play and power dynamics.

If a woman is getting spanked and she loves the feeling, that’s classed as sensation play. Whereas if what turns her on is the feeling of someone overpowering and disciplining her, that’s power dynamics. If they’re combined and one person is designated as being in charge, this is referred to as topping and bottoming.

Some women who like being dominated are prone to submissiveness and enjoy men taking control of them in the bedroom. Our London escorts love all forms of domination and really enjoy experimenting with different practices in order to explore different elements of their characters and personalities.

Let Her Take Charge

Contrary to popular belief, dominance during sex isn’t just for men. Many women like to be the person who’s in charge and men love to be controlled by a stunningly sexy dominatrix escort who has no problem calling the shots. Our domination London escorts have plenty of experience at hand and know how to craft the perfect scene for a hugely enjoyable domination experience.

Some of our escorts enjoy tying their men up and teasing them until they lose their minds! She’ll ride you until you’re at the peak of your excitement and then lift off, without letting you come. Remember, she is in charge and has no qualms about playing you like an instrument, knowing she’s got you right where she wants you.

Leave your Shame at the Door

Our domination London escorts love engaging in domination with their sexual partners and are always looking for men who can help them fulfill their fantasies in the bedroom.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your chosen model wants to step into the exciting and elicit world of BDSM just as much as you do. You don’t need to be afraid of telling her what you want when it comes to getting intimate, as you can be sure that she’ll happily oblige. Even if you have a strange fetish or a unique desire, you can be sure that she can cater to your needs. Our escorts always strive to satisfy their lovers and do all they can to turn their fantasies into reality.

A Safe and Consensual Environment

Whether you meet your chosen escort at your place, her home, or at a hotel, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in a safe and consensual environment and can truly let go and release your inhibitions.

Our escorts have a few basic guidelines to ensure that the domination experience is as safe as possible for you both. For example, she’ll suggest a safeword that the submissive can call if play gets too intense. If the submissive is gagged, they’ll need a visible substitute for a safeword, such as a silk hanky they can drop. Safewords are crucial in domination and can help ensure that a potentially thrilling and incredibly fulfilling sexual experience doesn’t turn sour because one person’s boundaries are crossed.
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