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Turkish Ts Merve

Dungeon Fun Blue Door

Escort Blog

Jun 20, 2021
Merve and Ben were a couple who loved adventures. Ben had unlocked a side of her that she did not know existed. It was her turn to choose the next erotic escapade. She had fantasied about being tied up and she had enjoyed the occasions when Ben had restrained her. Via the internet, always a go-to source of information on these matters, she had been looking and discovered the world of “Tie and Tease” and “Pain and Pleasure”. This intrigued her. She asked Ben if they might try this in a dungeon. Ben researched and found quite a few in London and decided on the “Blue Door” in Islington.

The evening arrived at last and Merve was excited about preparing herself and spent some time choosing a tight, revealing black latex outfit from the selection that Ben had bought for her, after a relaxing bath and champagne with him. The more they talked about the evening, the more aroused they became. Ben's cock stood hard above the bath water like a tall, straight lighthouse as Merve stroked and sucked it. Ben loved fingering her own cock and love hole underwater and slowly inserted a pink dildo. Merve was aching to feel the real deal inside her... but that would have to wait. They knew tonight would be memorable and pleasure delayed is pleasure multiplied. With candles and music, the atmosphere was steeped in seduction. They waited.

They caught a taxi to the “Blue Door” and rang the bell. The door opened and there stood their dominatrix for the night. This was a surprise to Merve that Ben had planned. Kitty had long dark hair, sparkling eyes and mischievous grin and a tight fitting red latex outfit revealing her shapely hour-glass body. She kissed Merve passionately, followed by Ben whose kiss was deep, long and lustful with tongues intertwined.

They entered the dungeon which was a revelation to Merve with erotic mood music playing and subtle lighting - not too bright but light enough to see the essential parts of the room and each other. Kitty showed them the kitchen dining area and bathroom and then the comfortable bedroom with a large bed.

Merve slipped off her coat to reveal her latex outfit. She looked stunning. She complemented Kitty in her red so well. Ben changed into his own tight fitting BDSM lingerie. They spent a bit of time over a drink of wine in the dining area getting to know each other and Merve said she thought she was more of a sub than dom and Ben could swing either way.

Kitty took Merve by the hand and led her smiling seductively back into the dungeon as Merve held Ben’s hand. Kitty took Merve to the centre of the room and stood her between a metal frame. She raised her arms and used handcuff’s to fix Merve’s hands above her head. She handed Ben a blindfold and indicated that he should put it on Merve. As he was doing this she chose a feather tickler and a large wooden paddle form the rows on implements on racks against the wall. Merve could see nothing and between them, gently at first, Kitty and Ben teased her. Ben stroked her skin that was not coveted by latex with the feathers and Kitty spanked her, softly at first gradually increasing the force as Merve got used to it is impact. Merve enjoyed the sensation of depending on touch and sound and she started to feel horny. Tie and tease it was!

After a while Kitty unclipped her and led the still blindfolded Merve to a leather kneeling stool. She indicated to Ben to peel off Merve’s latex outfit- fortunately the zip that went all round the back and front made it easy.

At that point Kitty saw Merve’s beautiful cock and she smiled in admiration. The dom’s sex drive shot into top gear. Kitty started to wank Merve with oil as Ben slid out of his underwear and played with himself with Merve kneeling in front of him. Kitty took a vibrator from the rack and teased Merve’s balls and top of his penis to harden it even more. She then sucked her cock in a way that only a woman can.

As Kitty lay under the prostrate Merve sucking her cock, Ben, gently at first, slid his well-lubed manhood into her hole. Merve wanted to explode being fucked and sucked at the same time. Being unable to see still heightened the pleasure. Before she could cum, Kitty stopped sucking and indicated to Ben to (reluctantly for him) pull out. She led the naked Merve into the bedroom and laid her down. She stretched her legs apart and indicated to Ben to tie her ankles to the shackles and ropes attached to the bottom corners of the bed. Then she did the same to her arms and Ben shackled them to the top. Merve was now spread- eagled. Kitty went back into the dungeon as Ben licked Merve’s still hard dick and gently sucked her nipples and kissed her mouth.

When Kitty came back she look resplendent as she was now naked with a large strap-on fixed to her waist. She pulled off Merve’s mask and blinking into the albeit dimly lit room Merve saw Ben and Kitty playing with their cocks. Roughly, Kitty lifted Merve’s legs slightly and expertly slid her cock into Merve as Ben went round to her face for a much-needed sucking. The three moved in harmony as Merve moaned with delight in between her mouthfuls of Ben.

Then Kitty untied her and insisted she knelt face down on the bed. Kitty knelt behind and inserted her cock once more into Merve’s inviting hole. She instructed Ben to fuck her from behind and so the three were locked in union of syncopated fucking…Ben inside Kitty and Kitty inside Ben. As the excitement built, all of them started to reach that point of no return and remarkably all of them came at the same time….Merve onto the bed cock in hand, Kitty through the pressure of the strap-on thrusting against her clit in and out of Merve and Ben inside Kitty. It was a volcanic eruption of love juices.

They collapsed in a heap and communal cuddle and took a break before resuming an exploration of the tools and equipment in the dungeon and Kitty’s skills. Our readers can guess what came next! What a night!
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