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Turkish Ts Merve

First time calling for a Ts escort?


Aug 9, 2021
Is it your first time with a ts escort and you are a little bit nervous?

It’s normal, but you don’t have to worry about anything at all! Just pay respect to the Tgirl you will meet just as you pay to another person. This includes some normal things like having a shower before meeting the girl, washing your teeth and not being under the influence of the alcohol.

Punctuality is also requested. Don’t come too early to the escort’s place because she may not be ready for you and if you are late, then your time with her will be shorter.

If the transgender escort comes to your place then you should be ready at time. If she will be late you will be announced and so if you are late is proper to let the escort know. When meeting an escort for the very first time, try to be relaxed, start a conversation and be polite.

You can talk to her about what music and movie she likes, you can say a joke and see what you have in common. Be polite and kind with the beautiful girl and she will feel appreciated and will be very careful with your desires and needs.

After you are both relaxed you can decide to got further to something more intimate. It’s very indicated to talk to the escort about the services that you want before meeting her. Don’t try to negotiate with her services that she doesn’t offer.

There are many gorgeous escorts ready to please you with their company, all you have to do is to choose the one that you think it fits you the best. All of our escorts are kind and gentle persons, very careful about the way they present themselves but the quality of a meeting depends on their clients’ behaviour and attitude too.

If you want to be rewarded in mots pleasant ways you have to treat the beautiful escort with charm and attention.

Regardless the place where you are with the escort, try to pay attention to the social norms and conventions. A man with good manners is a gentleman and the escorts love the gentlemen. If possible, try to find a meeting location that corresponds with both your tastes and hers too. Here you will live unforgettable moments with our unforgettable escorts.

Some things will get easier once you become a loyal client. Your favourite escort will already know your pleasures, tastes and what you are looking for. You will be both relaxed and willing to try new experiences. It happens, and is absolutely normal, to be shy when you are in the company of such a attractive lady.

Try to avoid this attitude, and try to be relaxed and have fun. Our escorts are professional and will always do her best to relax you and to please you but, of course, a proper attitude from you will only make things perfect! Just let all of your inhibitions behind and meet our superb Tgirls!
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