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Turkish Ts Merve

French Manchester Transsexual mature escort


Aug 9, 2021
We are delighted to introduce Annabell, a French Manchester Transsexual mature escort; she defines the words ‘chic’and ‘sophistication’. With her long flowing, almost waist length golden locks and vivid sea green eyes, Annabella is quite frankly a living Goddess. She has the figure of an A-List celebrity and would not look out of place on a red carpet at Cannes. This French mature and sexy transsexual epitomises the term high class mature transsexual escort – she is always up to the minute and bang on trend, yet effortlessly classical in her appearance, groomed to perfection, yet natural. Any man would swell with pride to have such a beautiful companion escort him to a high profile function. A very lucky man would burst with excitement to share an intimate one to one occasion with this exquisite French mature transsexual escort.

Annabella is indeed very well educated, boasting two degrees; she loves to travel and would keep you entertained with interesting tales of her adventures. Although you may only have one adventure on your mind, that being one that only features the two of you! She may well have a fantastic mind, but a body to die for too – she is a enigmatic rarity who will certainly leave you mystified and satisfied. All of this coupled with an extremely sexy French accent is undoubtedly a recipe for fiery passion and dizzy heights.

Annabella is surely one French escort not to be missed; if you can trust yourself not to fall completely and utterly in love with this sexy, sensual women. She will tease you in a way which you never thought possible – If you don’t believe us, then experience Annabella for yourself. This beautiful mature woman will not disappoint!
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