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Turkish Ts Merve


Escort Blog

Jun 20, 2021
My Fun4Two Swinger Club Experience with My Trans Partner it's the story that I would like to share with you Guys!

Monika was seeing an English guy called Ben. She felt very close to him and they had fun together. Both had reached the stage in their relationship where they felt they wanted even more adventure like having swinger club experience. They decided to visit one of the most famous swingers sex clubs in the world…"Fun4Two" in Holland. A friend had recommended it to them and they were keen to explore their boundaries. They travelled to Amsterdam and had an evening touring the Red Light District fascinated by the response of the hordes of men checking out the ladies in the windows. After a romantic dinner and a night of romantic passion they had a day of sightseeing in that wonderful city.

In the evening, Ben had arranged for a taxi to take them to the club. The driver told them he and his wife had been going for 20 years and it spiced up their marriage. They passed through the gates, up the driveway and were dropped off by the front door. There was already a small queue as the doors had just been opened. Both were very nervous and did not know how they would cope. Whilst in the queue they started chatting to a young French couple as this settled their nerves. They introduced themselves as Francois and Francoise (strange but true) and said that they had come to the club a few times before and loved it. A twinkle in their eyes suggested a possible rendezvous-vous later.
After paying the entrance fee and a friendly welcome from the couple who owned and managed the club, Ben and Monika went upstairs to put their coats in a locker. The women, including Monika, all had revealing sexy dresses on, some with nipples revealed or even with no panties. Monika looked gorgeous in a short red dress and was beginning to feel right at home. She kept her lingerie on as, unbeknown to all, she had a surprise awaiting any couple fortunate enough to play with them!

Our lovers smiled at the others and their nerves gradually subsided as they felt much more comfortable and excited. The stairway down to the club was sensual with red lighting and in an art deco style. In the main room there was a large dance hall, restaurant and bar and the DJ was working the room as couples writhed in various states if sexual dance…but no nudity yet.
Ben and Monika found a table and surveyed the scene. The people around them seemed to vary in age from young to late middle age, more girls than men, all shapes and sizes, mostly white. All clearly focused on one thing - sex. Ben went to the bar for drinks and a statuesque blond girl stroked his cock outside of his trousers as he ordered 2 glasses of white wine. She put her arm around his neck and gave him a big, wet French kiss and then turned to her partner who smiled at him. This is fun thought Ben.
Back at their table Monika was talking to a gorgeous couple (Ingrid and Sven from Sweden) who had seen her on her own. The four of them tried to have a conversation over the loud music. They moved onto the dance floor and they enjoyed watching each other.

During a slow number, they swapped partners and as Ben and the Ingrid held each other close he saw Monika kissing Sven. Instead of him feeling jealous, rather it turned Ben on. After a while, they returned to their table as their friends continued to dance together.
Ben looked at Monika and she smiled …all was good. They had been told the drill and at 23.00, right on time, a corny Dutch Euro vision song played called something like "Get your clothes off time!" and gradually the area cleared as couples went back to the lockers to take off their clothes apart from revealing lingerie for women and less interesting underwear for men.

Now the real fun was about to start

The club was divided into a number of themed play areas. Ben and Monika found themselves in the replica of the Red-light District in Amsterdam where girls could pretend they were hookers and men and women wait to go in for a quickie…except there were no curtains to be pulled shut. Looking in one window they saw Ingrid, their dance floor friend, fucking a really fit black girl as Sven masturbated in the corner. Hot, hot, hot! Monika looked in another window and saw another gorgeous blond all alone. She gestured for her to enter and Ben encouraged her to go through the door into the live chamber. He followed her in.

Immediately the blond was on top of Monika and passionately kissing, sucking and nibbling her all over inevitably finding her way to eventually to her gorgeous cock. Ingrid’s eyes opened wide and after an initial surprise she smiled and went down on Monika to pleasured her. Ben could not resist inserting his erect manhood into the blonde’s beckoning cunt from the rear. They were soon all in syncopation as his cock entered deep in her at the same time as her mouth sucked Monika's penis making it rock hard. Very quickly the girl came and Ben withdrew as he and Monika saved their cum for the next adventure. They left as the blond had already eyed a new client through her window.


Monika and her lover relaxed over a drink in the bar to allow to discuss what next?

There was so much to do in the pleasure palace. They decided that the tantric sex room was next but on the way they stopped to watch the glory hole room. Here a foursome was underway in an enclosed box in which cock sized holes had been drilled. As the foursome put on a great show inside, guys stuck their wank- hard dicks in from outside using the glory holes. The girls and guys inside sucked and continued to hand-wank as many as they could until they shot their loads as they pleasured each other. Quite a feat of concentration and coordination thought Ben as he resisted the temptation to enter into the fray. The pair moved onto tantrum sex. On the way they bumped into the couple whom they had met in the queue to enter - Francois and Francoise. They decided to go to the room together. Monika was excited about continuing to get to know them.

The tantric sex room consisted of a series of low double beds on a large raised dais so that spectators (the voyeurs) could stand below the area to view the action. There was soothing mood music, lit candles and subtle lighting. Ben and Monika and their two French friends lost no time in stepping up onto the tantric sex area and claiming a bed. Monika took off her bra to reveal her beautiful pert tits and then as, an audience gathered, she seductively slid down her panties, to reveal her penis.. still hard after her last adventure. Ben looked at the audience as mouths opened and he could feel a collective rise in the sexual tension as more drifted in to view the prospect of four bisexual people including a gorgeous trans girl fucking. The girls lay side by side naked face down. Their partners kneeled astride them naked and poured warm oil onto their backs and started to massage.

Ben focused on Monika's neck, gently rubbing the aromatic oil into her soft skin and relieving her tension. He moved down to her shoulders, working in large circles and then her strong, short back. Surprisingly, he missed her middle body out and went next onto her calves and slowly up to her thighs pushing firmly yet gently with his thumbs and fingers into the willing, yielding body. Monika was completely relaxed and had almost forgotten where she was and the growing crowd watching them.

Then she felt Ben's skilful hands switch to her pert bottom and slowly round onto her cock. His fingers continued to massage and now they were caressing the full length of her dick. It was heaven. He gently turned her over onto her back and continued on her cock with one hand while the other massaged her breasts. She looked over to their French friends who were at a similar stage.... synchronised sexual stimulation. She looked up to see couples watching and wanking themselves and each other as they viewed the show on which they were staring. This turned Monika on and she could hold back the flood no more as waves of pure ecstasy rolled up and down her body. Francoise next to her had reached a pitch and let out a scream as she orgasmed.

Ben flipped Monika over and thrust his throbbing tool into her arse from behind. Their bodies glistened with oil and sweat. Convulsions spread throughout her body. She felt the cock withdraw from her perfect arse...no, no, no….please keep it in…deeper, deeper. But it was soon replaced by another that felt different…..longer yet thinner. She liked to feel a difference. Looking to her left she saw that Ben and Francois had swapped partners and that she was being filled by a French fucker.

The atmosphere in the room had become animalistic as other couples could no longer hold back and were fucking in every spare space in the room. Ben and Francois turned their new partners over and pulled them close together. They put their cocks in the girls' mouths and were gratefully sucked by their oral hosts...who doesn't love to feel a hard dick between their lips? Both shot their load at the same time in the girls' mouths and as if by nature the girls turned and shared their men's seed with each other as they kissed passionately. By now Monika had to cum and, as the other 3 lay down facing her, she stood over them and shot her load into their hungry mouths and cum kisses followed. The room was filled with moans and screams as other couples climaxed stimulated by what they had witnessed. What a night... but it was still young.

Ben and Monika needed a rest so they headed for the bar beside a large space with a multi-person Jacuzzi with a sauna and steam rooms. After a drink and polite conversation with a German couple...brunette, beautiful and up for it....Monika whispered to Ben that she wanted to try the pool. She threw off her towel and grabbed Ben's hand. They jumped into the Jacuzzi with its sign ("No Fucking") .... presumably due to potential problem of bodily emissions and resultant surface substances.

Monika leant against the side of the pool with an underwater jet pleasantly spraying into her arse. She was so relaxed and chilled. Ben faced her and they kissed with a renewed passion. Then Ben dived underwater seeking Monika's cock. He stayed under the surface for fully two minutes as he sucked her honeypot. It felt exquisitely anonymous to Monika as she chatted to a hot Spanish girl who turned out to be a semi famous trans-porn star....Marianna Kisskass.

Ben came up for air and the conversation continued a
s Marianna massaged his cock. Ben submerged himself again and managed to stay underwater for 3 minutes sucking first one dick then the other. The two girls were locked in a trans-lesbian love smooch when he came up for air. Down he went again, focusing on the Spanish girl’s now stiff dick. As 4 minutes approached, she squirted her load into Ben’s mouth as he saw the two girls’ bodies writhe under the warm water. On the surface their faces glowed with satisfaction.

They (wo)manhandled him into the sauna before he could regain his breath fully. They were all naked anyway and as Ben lay back both girls started to suck and stroke his cock from flaccid to massive. Ben was in heaven...again. He felt his cum factory miraculously stir once more as Marianna licked his balls with her finger up his rectum and Monika sucked his cock. The sperm rose up his tool and although he tried to resist, he came in spectacular fashion screaming "Fuck a duck’!! Marianna gratefully took all the cum in her mouth and Monika kissed her taking some back. The three of them shared the love juice, cementing their new, temporary fuck buddy friendship.

By now it was 3.00 am and the club was closing. In the locker room as they changed back into regular clothes, they exchanged phone numbers with Francis, Francoise, Ingrid, Sven and Marianna promising to meet again. In the taxi on the way back to Amsterdam the couple fell asleep with their heads on each other's shoulders and only woke up when the driver stopped the car outside their hotel. "Good morning" welcomed the hot, Dutch guy on reception with a cheeky, knowing smile. The couple fell into their bed and fell asleep locked in each other’s arms.
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