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Turkish Ts Merve



New member
Jul 9, 2021
Dear Gentleman!

Whether you are in Shanghai on business or it is your native town, if you are looking for European or Russian escort Shanghai (Hongkong, Beijing) – you are looking for me!

You are in need guide of Shanghai escort China located but you wish to find someone different from usual Asian type Chinese models? I propose you independent service of charming blonde girl. I cannot give you Caucasian or local female, as I am slim blonde doll and I provide VIP services in Pudong.

Have you dreamed about something special? Just call me, and all you hottest dreams will come true! What can I do for you? I can do everything! Some of things what I do:
Good mood and more...

1) Massage

What we can start with? Let’s start with Russian massage! You will feel at cloud number nine when my long soft fingers touch you. It can be relaxing, Thai, health or erotic. But I know that one massage can combine all these characteristics. Do you mind to have relaxing good-for-health rest that will make you high? You certainly don’t!

2) Strip-show

My plastic movements and seductive buns can charm you at once. Striptease is not a service to hurry so let’s do it slowly… Very slowly… You will sit and relax listening to nice music and watching me dancing for you. Torch, stool, chair, bed – everything can be used for by strip show. Be ready to see something special for you when apply to Russian independent girl!

3) Business-lunch

I perfectly understand there is a need sometimes to come to business lunch with partners holding a charming Shanghai escorts hand. Apply for independent escort Shanghai. Believe me, I know how the real Lady should behave! When We go at this lunch all your partners will envy you, 100%! If some electric magnetism appear between us during this lunch and the evening will go on in the hotel – it’s natural end of good day between charming woman and successful man, isn’t it?

4) Cultural-dates

Wish to know more about the city, but you desire is to know it in unusual way? Apply for elite female guide. I’ll show you the big city and its downtown Pudong, I’ll tell you some interesting facts about history and architecture of this city. I’ll show you the places where you can get unexpected and unforgettable experience.

5) More...

I am Russian lady, not from some call girls Shanghai escort agency, I am independent :) Gentlemen in business trips are so starving, the same like me! I adore seeing great desire in your eyes, I like make you happy! Let’s meet!

This is "Questions and Answers" page; You will find here answers for your questions. There are only my personal answers and opinions here. Other independent Shanghai escorts and agencies can have different opinions.

1. I have never had a date with escort guide before and I have no experience with this service. How it will happen?

- Answer: My opinion is that a date with an escort girl is a classic meeting. (For example, you invite a girl you like for a cup of tea). For first: ...nice conversation, a cup of tea or a glass of wine; after we will know each other a little bit better, we will feel comfortable and relaxing....
Long dates are like real relationship, like girlfriend and boyfriend.

2. Do you do massage only in your place or i can invite you to my place?

- My place or your place.

3. Can i invite you for a dinner?

- yes, of course.

2. I am very shy person.

- Answer: Usually our nervousness disappears after first smile and nice conversation. I am very open and friendly person.

3. I would like to meet you. What do I need to do?

- Answer: First step is to send me sms or e-mail with your name; the date time, your telephone number. I will be very glad if you could write me about yourself something.

4. What should I do to prepare myself for our date?

- Answer: ...Like for 1st meeting :) Just to be in a good mood.

5. Do you use drugs?

- Answer: I do not use any drugs, never.

6. Do you enjoy escort guide job?

- Answer: Yes, a lot :) You will see it on our first date.

7. Can you e-mail me your photos?

- Answer: Sorry, I do not send my photos. You can see my photos presented on my "Gallery page".

8. Do you travel?

- Answer: Yes. China, HK , Shanghai, Beijing. Please send your suggestion via e-mail.

8. How to book your friend in Beijing?

- Answer: Just send me text message that you want to meet my friend in Beijing.

If there are no answers on your question, please contact me (sms or email) :)
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