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Turkish Ts Merve

I love my job”, escort admits


New member
Aug 11, 2021
It has been 5 years since I’ve started working as a London escort. I have completed graduation in the field of arts from a reputed college in London. But then I had a thirst for money and wanted to become a rich person so I decided to come into this escorts business. In the early stages, I used to do it part-time but now this has become my main source of income. I work for a reputed escort agency in London and I definitely love my job. My boss said that I was the first lady who had crossed his mind. Well, who could blame him? I am a real tough lady. In the last five years, I have generally received nice clients and I’m pleased about that. Most of the clients that I have come across in my life normally have similar expectations. But then a few of them were very naughty whom I will never forget in my entire lifetime. I will like to share my experience of a client who was different from others. I must be doing something right as I have a lot of clients who are regulars. My boss described him as being a little strange. Not creepy but just odd, he explained.

I was very familiar with my regular clients but this client was new and unfamiliar to me. I had also tried to ask my other friends who are also escorts but no one knew who he was. This client was very crazy and expected a person to tie him down and give him a spanking. He accepted that he had bad behavior and was honest about it. Since he was a bad boy, he wanted a real tough woman to teach him a lesson. I had a good experience with a variety of clients and have always been successful to hold my own ground. I took it as a challenge and decided that in any case, I will satisfy him fully. I just tied him with a leather belt and gave him a good spanking on his butts and a nice prostate massage. I must say that he had very good stamina and a huge dick that I had ever seen in my life since I entered this profession. We had foreplay for almost two hours and then he just fucked me very hard. I just loved it. I could only wish that he had a fucking machine also. I could only imagine all of the fun we could have used that machine. I believe that this client was fully satisfied with my service that most of the London Escorts couldn’t provide him. I’ve realized that I have the capability of being a master and am very happy to be the most attractive and busty London escort in the entire escort agency.
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