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Male Escort Services


Aug 9, 2021
Male escorts go by a number of different names, from call-boys to hustlers to ‘working boys’ and while not as well advertised in most areas as female escorts, male escorts still make up a large portion of the escort industry. Whether you’re looking globally or locally it is possible to find a plethora of male escorts through our Escort Service Directory. The directory is flawlessly structured to organize all agencies, phone call centers and personal independent workers in an easy to maneuver way. Finding a male escort can be easy through our directory but discovering exactly what you are looking for may be a little more complicated. Read on to better understand the options clients have when choosing a proper companion.

Levels of Male Escort Services

There are a few different levels of male escort services, or areas of specialization where workers and agencies tend to concentrate on. While some of the larger agencies can spread the board and cover all the bases, most agencies tend to fit one of these levels:Internet Based services

The internet has easily surpassed localized escort services as the top choice by most clients and it’s easy to see why- pictures, pictures, pictures! Since male escorts are typically more companion-oriented, their appearance is vital to their task as an escort. The internet offers a compatible outlet for agencies to post pictures of their array of male escorts, list prices according to their appearance, and allow clients to pick for themselves.Phone based services

Escort services through the phone are mostly dominated by female escorts but male escorts still play a minor role. Phone based escort services connect males with males, and males with females, over the phone and while there usually isn’t a formal meeting there is always the possibility of one.

Independent services are the big ticket in male escort services

Most male escorts can be found in this category, working as independent, or freelance, professionals. In fact, over 75% of male escorts work in this fashion, whether using it as a side job to accompany their professional work or if they work as male escorts as their main concentration. Independent male escorts work by themselves, without the protection of an actual agency, and therefore take all of the risks- but they also get to keep all of the money. At their core independent male escorts work by themselves in terms of marketing their services, finding new clients and keeping up with their current cliental.

Let’s look a little closer at how these independent male escorts work:

On call vs. fully independent, the business has both

There are two main types of independent male escorts, on call and fully independent

On call male escorts are those professionals that work alongside escort agencies as a part-time worker. While these male escorts may have their own side business they still rely on the agencies to provide at least part of their business and income. They work as part time staff or outsourced options to these agencies and if an agency has a website their picture is often posted along with other full-time professionals.

Fully independent male escorts are those who don’t partner at all with agencies and instead run their own operations. Male escorts who operate their businesses in this fashion often register with escort service directories (much like our directory) as independents and are listed right alongside fully staffed agencies.

Advertising for independent male escorts is typically done on-line

Advertising is a huge concern to many independent male escorts because their profession needs a certain amount of discretion and secrecy, especially for their clients. Plus, considering most commercial publications (whether magazine or newspaper) won’t publish questionable content in their ad section, it can get pretty difficult to promote their services. With these means of marketing out of the question most independent male escorts work through service directories to get the word out about what they do.

The most popular form of service directory is online. Internet service directories, such as our Escort Service Directory, offer adequate space to promote services while at the same time organizing them in an easy to find manner so clients can get to you quicker. Our Escort Service Directory organizes the directory by region/ country, city and even localized areas, which, if you’re an independent male escort, can be a good way to promote yourself on a web page that values the secrecy of your profession.

In the past, independent escorts relied on print publications that were geared toward their industry. But because it was difficult to get these publications through mainstream media it didn’t have nearly the pull or circulation of a global marketing package. Internet directories do have that circulation and they do have the global perspective so no matter where a client goes in the world, they can find you.

Privacy is of the utmost concern for most clients and escorts alike

Independent male escorts also work with a special degree of privacy, which was touched upon earlier. Privacy is a highly important part of the industry work because clients value the level of secrecy they can enjoy with specific escorts and escort agencies. Since many escorts work with high level business professionals, political figures and sports athletes, it is important that they can rely on privacy and not be open to public awareness. Whatever level of escort service a male escort brings it should always be done in a private matter to protect not only their own identity but that of their cliental as well.

Our Escort Service Directory values this protection of privacy in their directory by directly putting clients in touch with agencies and independent male escorts who have similar values, ideals and rules on identity protection.

The male escort industry is far less then the female escort industry in size but it doesn’t mean it lacks in importance. Business is often much more competitive in the male escort service industry because there are fewer people competing for a decent job selection. One portion of the male escort business that dwarfs the female department is the homosexual escorts, as there are many more men in competition then women.

Primary duties of male escorts extend beyond one night needs

Male escorts can have duties that are as wide spread as the agencies that use them. For instance, time and function are two of the more widely discussed, and widely fluctuated, areas for male escorts.

Time can vary quite a bit when a male escort is needed in a particular case. Some clients only need an escort for a night while others prefer to have the same escort over a period of a few days or even weeks. The reason for this is typically for show reasons. To keep up with appearances, a female in the business world may hire out a male escort to go with them to business related parties and the like. Male escorts also work as personal assistants for many business partners who travel frequently around the globe.

Functions for a male escort are the other primary duty for a male escort. Functions can be anything from acting as a boyfriend/ partner for a client to being a behind the scenes helper in certain instances. While specific duties vary widely from situation to situation, a male escort’s general job is to be there for the client for basically anything they need.

Male escorts like female escorts usually charge by the hour and the hours are calculated only with the time spent with the client. Prices vary between $100 an hour to $250 an hour, depending on the physical appearance of the escort, the time needed and the duties performed.

Gay male escorts are fast becoming a high ticket item

Gay escorts are becoming more important then ever in a world that is changing quickly to accommodate a growing population of homosexuals. Gay’s make up a large portion of business, on a small and corporate level, as well as media, television and movies. The growing acceptance of gays has led to a bigger need for gay escorts. Many in the male escort service industry work in this department and are listed alongside others in the industry who serves man for women and women for man cliental.

Male escorts may go by a number of names but one thing is for sure, their general job description is the same and there is a definite need for workers in their industry. Our Escort Service Directory has a solid listing of many of the top male escorts, independents and agencies, and BDSM escorts in the world. Use them the next time you need to find a male escort in your part of the globe.
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