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MichelleMexicana Ts Review


New member
Mar 10, 2021
So i went to Harlow to visit MichelleMexicana but it ended up being a disaster punt!

Venue: New-build apartments on the outskirts of Harlow, Essex.

Girl: https://profiles.birchplace.com/new/michelle-mexicana

All of her pictures were airbrushed. She had only a few pics on the site anyway I have arrived at the location and phone her to let me in and she replies babe give me 15 mins! it was very annoying but I had nothing to do so decided to wait but its been over 20 mins I ranged her again she answered her phone '' babe pls give me 10 mins I'm getting ready'' is been well over 30 mins so I decided to cancel the appointment she never called me either !
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