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Turkish Ts Merve

More Turn up and Eat Locations for your Date with a London Ts Escort


Aug 9, 2021
If you have left Valentine’s Day to the last minute you can still get your date with a London escort off to a good start. There are lots of good restaurants that do not require you to have a prior reservation. In this, the second of our articles on no reservation restaurants we will continue to look at some less well-known but still serving great quality food where you can simply turn up and wait your turn.

Barrafina, Soho

Although the wait can be long at Barrafina, usually at least an hour, believe me, the wait is well worth it. This fashionable tapas restaurant is a fantastic place for a date with a London escort, nibbles are served as you wait your turn to be seated and the place is part restaurant, part theatre with audience participation so there will be plenty to keep you occupied as you wait your turn. The food is very, very good and the atmosphere is fantastic, well worth a visit and a brilliant last-minute Valentine’s Day last-minute solution.

Begging Bowl, Peckham

Opened in 2012, this popular Peckham Thai restaurant is not what you would expect. Instead of your normal Thai dishes such as Thai Green Curry, their menu is more of a Thai street food affair but this is Thai street food served with elegance and grace. As your date with a London escort gets into full swing you can savor the amazing flavors of dishes such as trout in sour orange curry, stir-fried pork belly in a warm red curry paste served with long beans and lime leaf slithers, or the chicory and fennel salad with minced pork, prawn, yellow bean and coconut relish. Their entire menu is a fantastic mix of flavors which you cannot find anywhere else and they also have some very good cocktails and a well-chosen wine menu to compliment all of their fantastic dishes.

Busaba Eathai, Soho

Another Thai restaurant here but again, not what you would expect from a normal Thai restaurant. Eating at the Busaba Eathai is a casual affair with big share tables and a brisk service. The atmosphere inside the rich and handsome wood-paneled interior is that of a friendly and quite charming place and you will find a lot of dishes on the menu that are not only unusual but not available anywhere else in London.

In our third and final article of this series, we will continue to look at more last-minute dining options for Valentine’s date with a London Ts escort.
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