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Online Dating Advice – How to Write a Good Dating Profile Essay


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Aug 12, 2020
Write Concise Paragraphs

Many people who start online dating often fail in this department. They write paragraphs that are too thick or too thin. People, in general, like to scan when they read. That means that they like to read an essay that is easy on the eyes. If your online dating profile essay is filled with lengthy paragraphs with few breaks, it will be harder for most and they will skip your essay. Therefore, keep your paragraphs concise.

Give Examples

This simply means that instead of writing that you are “funny” in your dating profile essay, either tell a joke or even better, write a short story about something funny. This will help to engage other members and they will be able to get a better sense of your personality. The same applies to anything else. If you say that you love running in marathons, give an example of a marathon that you have been on and how the experience was for you. By giving examples, you engage others. They will be more likely to respond to your dating profile when you can do this.

Be Unique

Many people browse through online dating profiles when they join a dating site and soon find a common thread. They notice that a lot of the dating profile essays sound the same. You have to avoid falling into this mistake. The more unique your dating profile essay, the more likely it is that you will stand out from the rest and get a message. You could do this by writing in a different style. Instead of being very wooden in your essay, write in a more personable way. Act as though you are talking to a particular person in life right in front of you, instead of simply typing words on your keyboard.

Be Honest and Self-Deprecating

Do not be afraid to write about a weakness or a shortcoming that you may have. Oftentimes, people on dating sites think that their dating profile essay is all about “selling” themselves. So they write on and on about how wonderful and special they are. Yes, it is good to convey the message that you are a great catch, however, when you are also able to balance that with an aspect in your life that you would like to improve, it makes you appear more human. The likelihood of you receiving messages is greatly increased when people have a sense that you are not perfect and that indeed you are aware of that. No one is perfect. Hence, ensure that you create a good balance of the good while showing that you still have room for improvement.

Ask an Open-Ended Question or Make a Rhetorical Statement

Give them a reason to respond to your dating profile essay. By ending your essay with an open-ended question, you are inviting people to respond. It helps them to know how to respond because they can start by answering the question that you ended your essay with. This helps to start a conversation. Ending with a rhetorical question also works. By doing this, you make people feel the need to respond because they may either agree or disagree with the rhetorical statement. Either way, you have enticed them to respond to your dating profile essay and that bodes well for you.

Your online dating profile essay is one of the more important parts of your dating profile. The more attention you pay to getting it done right, the better your chances of getting a good number of quality responses.
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