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Turkish Ts Merve

Some old TS reviews, hope they are of help


New member
Feb 13, 2021
I have posted many comments on the old HA forum in the past. Thought it might be useful for some to summarize these TS reviews from the girls who are still around. Some of these encounters are from a long time ago, so the quality of service may have changed a bit. I don't poke like I used to, but there are some new TS girls that really excite me, especially Bella Marina.

Happy punting.

Marcella Hills

I've seen Marcella a few times over the years, always have a great punt, a very friendly sexy body, and a decent cock. I'm better than her, she's better than me, wow. It's been a while but highly recommended.


What more can I say about Sophia, she is an absolute star. Terribly sexy, definitely not a watch lover, and full of fun. I've seen her many times, it's been a few years, but she's someone I'll definitely be visiting again soon. Take and give a good pounding and suck the cock well.


I've met her three or four times, she looks very feminine, has a great attitude, has a great personality, and has a drooping tail. I've seen in her recent pictures that she's been working out, she's always been slim, but now she's looking shabby.

TS Sasha Hevyn

She's been around for a long time and this is actually my first time with a TS punt. I've only seen them once, when their prices went up to £250 and the prettiest girls were £150. She was very attractive, it was a good punt, and what I remember best is that her dick had a real curve. It's big and thick, but she can pee in the corner.
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