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Turkish Ts Merve

T-Girl Violeta Cardiff Ts review

John wayne 88

New member
Nov 6, 2021
I went to to see violet as loved the thought of topping a she male . I've never been with a man before but the thought of seeing a hard cock down there while I pound was a fantasy. I went In not knowing what to expect as she was behind the door, it closed she was there in her silky underwear and wow it got real she led me to the bedroom took the cash and without any warning kissed me passionately for a few seconds this totally took my breath away I stripped down to my boxers and Waited she came back and kissed Me again it was amazing thrusting her body against mine not rushed at all .it was a whole new experience feeling her cock rub against mine but I loved it she gently tugged my boxers down as we kissed and I looked down to see her hard cock out she rubbed it on mine until we were both solid I reached down and wanked both dicks together. I felt her push my head the way I've always pushed girls but I did not mind I I went down and sucked my 1st dick she was moaning and said baby bend over and I did . I whispered I was a Virgin and she Said good. I felt a warm lube on my hole then took my 1st finger then I felt my whole hole fill up it was too much I had to stop .she lay me on my back and did me slowly like the Virgin I was . I was being totally topped and loving it although hurting she edged it in slowly and fucked me until I felt myself Cumming with no hands all over her stomach . We stopped she cleaned me off we was both still hard so I started to suck her again . I then had a go at topping her and fulfilling my original fantasy until she asked to fuck me again, I obliged this time she played with my cock until I came again. I definitely had longer than the hour I paid for and had the impression she would of carried on if I let her but by then i had post cum guilt and left . I will be back again again
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