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Turkish Ts Merve

The Savoy


Aug 9, 2021
The Savoy is an extravagant place to stay in London and is probably one of the most amazing hotels not only in London but the entire country! This hotel is well known for its affluence and high class and is often visited by wealthy residents in London or wealthy business travelers who are looking to stay somewhere exquisite. The superb experience The Savoy is able to provide is down to the 5-star luxurious experience that The Savoy is able to deliver to its visitors. This hotel is not just about the stay either it also includes its own fine dining restaurant where you can relax in a sophisticated dining environment that serves up arguably the best cuisine in the capital city. If this is not enough The Savoy also features its own classy bar called the Beaufort Bar which has won awards for its excellent service and its delicious cocktails which keeps people coming through its doors.

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