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Top 10 London Wine Bars Where You Can Take Your Escort


Aug 9, 2021
Wine tasting events and bars were once mostly visited by people who were aching for a pretentious evening, without fully appreciating a good glass of wine. The recession hit the wine bars in London, just like it did all businesses, but finally, we’re starting to see small humble wine bars popping up all over London. This is why we’re taking a look at London’s top 10 wine bars. Today these wine venues are modest, but still classy, and attract wine lovers from around the city to enjoy their products. London is practically heaving with wine bars around the city, and the people who are passionate about wine will greatly appreciate this fact. During the London Wine Week, bars across the city offer discounts, prepare entertaining events for their customers, wine tastings, and many other activities where most people will find something they enjoy. Be careful, however, it’s easy to get carried away and have too much wine at once, especially considering the sheer amount of wines that are offered. A little buzz won’t hurt anyone though. For more information about the annual London Wine Week. Finally, here’s a list of London’s top wine bars.

10. 40 Maltby Street

Situated under a railway arch in London close to London Bridge, 40 Maltby wine bar has truly become a venue for all wine lovers. It offers completely biodynamic and organic wines from Slovenia, France, and Italy. Guests can also enjoy very tasty meals at the 40 Maltby bar, with their menus being changed daily, but offering season-appropriate cuisine on small plates. Bottles can of course be taken home, or enjoyed in the bar for a reasonable £12 mark up.

Visiting address: 40 Maltby Street, London, SE1 3PA

9. The Sampler

There are a few reasons why this wine bar is a must-see in London. First of all, it offers arguably the best duck rillettes in the whole city. And after sipping some of the wines they offer such as a fine Spanish Paternina or a Cune and Lopez de Heredia, a snack will more than likely help the taste buds fully appreciate these gorgeous Spanish wines. The Sampler is located in the basement beneath the main bar, and its simple but functional and elegant design works very well.

Visiting address: Thurloe Place 35, London, SW7 2HP

8. Sager + Wilde

If there’s one hip wine bar in London, than it has to be Sager + Wilde located in Shoreditch. The mark-ups are modest but the wines are for the most part amazing. The wine list is changed daily, but Sager + Wilde has shown a tendency towards offering European wines. Apparently it’s not the wines they’re most well known for, rather for their grilled cheese sandwiches. But after a few glasses of wine, what doesn’t taste nice?

Visiting address: Hackney Road 193, London, E2 8JL

7. Fulham Wine Rooms

Aimed towards a slightly younger and more trendy crowd, the Fulham Wine Rooms offerings go above and beyond most wine bars. Prices for a glass of wine start at a very reasonable 3.50 pounds, but make sure you don’t accidentally order the Tuscan Sassicaia, that will set you back £45 for a single glass. Tapas like meals are always available. If you ever find yourself close to Fulham road with some time to kill, don’t hesitate to give this place a chance.

Visiting address: Fulham Road 871-873, London, SW6 5HP

6. Quality Chop House

This fine London establishment dates back to 1869 when it was opened as a restaurant. Today it has kept its original charm and unique features such as the checkered B&W floor and marble tops. What makes this London bistro and wine bar special is the fact they offer certain wines that are hard to get a hold of otherwise, which are usually sourced from private collectors and brought to the guests at the Quality Chop House.

Visiting address: Farrington Road 92-94, London, EC1R 3EA

5. The 10 Cases

If you’re looking for one of the finest wine tastings in London, The 10 Cases is for you. They take great pride in offering only ten cases of each type of wine they snap on on any given occasion. Don’t let its modest interior fool you into thinking this is just another ordinary bar. With its dozen or so tables, it’s best to come here during the evening and slowly make your way through the day’s selection of tremendous wines.

Visiting address: Endell St. 16, London, WC2H 9BD

4. 28-50

This isn’t the age range of people that are welcome here, far from it. It is named 28-50 because of the latitude at which the best grapes can be grown for wine making. A glass of house wine costs just £3.90 and £21 for the bottle. The wine list is changed each month in order to keep things interesting and fresh. The all day menu is bound to make you come back for more, as the 28-50 offers duck rillettes and their popular 28 day aged beef, that will go down well with most wines.

Visiting address: Marylebone Lane 15-17, London, W1U 2NE

3. Gordon’s Wine Bar

This top 10 London wine bar list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the oldest wine bar in the capitol. Gordon’s Bar first opened its doors in 1890. To this day the bar maintained its rustic and vintage look with old newspaper clippings on the walls and antique grandfather clocks. If you like a good sherry too, Gordon’s Wine Bar is the place to be.

Visiting address: Villiers Street 47, London, WC2NE

2. Vinoteca

Wine people are usually regarded as boring and quite mundane. Vinoteca will certainly change your mind because it thoroughly challenges all judgments one might have about wine lovers. It’s a fun venue with absolutely no pretentiousness whatsoever. The wine list is always exciting, even if they’re marked up by a fair bit. The owners have numerous wine bars all over London.

Visiting address: Beak Street 53-55, London, W1F 9SH

1. Vivat Bacchus

Life is too short to drink bad wine”. Their motto will certainly be well appreciated by wine lovers everywhere. This wine bar gained notoriety by offering £1000 tasting events for bankers. You’ll be glad to hear that since then, they’ve made their wine bar slightly more affordable. They offer new world wines and quite a unique menu, with plenty of salads and main courses to choose from.

Visiting address: Farringdon St. 47, London, EC4A 4LL
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