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Turkish Ts Merve

Trans Escort Candy’s experiences in Lisbon


Aug 14, 2021
Hello everybody!
My name is Candy on of the Lisbon trans escorts wit Unforgettable transsexual Escort and I want to share with you one of my amazing experiences with my clients. Wanting to make my client as relaxed as possible even from the beginning, I made some coffee, put some romantic music and candles, for a really intimate and warm atmosphere. I put some high heels and elegant dress with generous cleavage.

We started by enjoying our coffee and I did a good choice with the dress because he was all over me with his look, especially on my boobies. When he came back from shower, my dear gentleman started to kiss me from my ankle up to the hips, kissing each centimeter of my skin. Slowly, he took my dress off, with tender moves.

He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it so well while he was playing with the other boob. His lips made my nipples so hard while I was watching him. I love men who love with tenderness, with intensity, who know how to bring a woman on the highest peaks of the pleasure! Here I was, on his top, with my tits being slaves of his lips and palms… The guy was caressing and biting them with such hunger!

I was moving my hips eager to feel his hard cock on my labia! My shoes were on the floor and he was over me. Going down, he touched my clitoris and my labia with his tongue, making my body to shiver from pleasure…

I was trembling even more when his finger was going deeper in my wet peach. His hard dick took the place of the finger, The man was slowly penetrating me, then going deeper, while his palms were touching my skin, caressing my hips, boobs and face.

The intensity was weaker from time to time only to massage my clit, to feel me arching only to welcome him inside me again, deeply. After massaging my clit he was smelling the fingers, loving the smell of my wet crack.

He was on me and I was pulling me deeper in me, caressing his back while he was kissing me with such intensity! I curled his thighs, with my pelvis up, surrendering with my whole body.

His moves were alternating, making me to want him even more! My body was his toy and he was playing with it just as he wished to, bringing me close to the maximum pleasure and weakening the intensity of the moves.

I thought I was about to explode! The moment of the totally satisfaction is delayed and this makes the feeling even more passionate and more intense! And when the moment of the orgasm is closer and closer I feel like it doesn’t matter who and how it offers such sublime pleasure!

Everything disappears, time and space and for some seconds I feel something that I call happiness! What an amazing memory! That was a really beautiful experience for me as one of the Lisbon escorts and I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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