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Turkish Ts Merve

TS Asian Barbie - Marble Arch. BB Warning


New member
Nov 23, 2020
£100 for half hour paid. Mentioned no particular help as I like to accept the way things are.

By message genuinely immediate, great English. No issues.

A short stroll from Marble Curve to an enormous block of pads. Took me some time to see as the right one. Not much sitting around idly, hummed in and up the lift. Level itself was somewhat of a pig eye cyst. Like the pads over in Chelsea :rolleyes: Level had a bed, huge mirror, the restroom was chaotic and cold and little. Do think she lives there and I've been in more terrible.

The WG
The photos are of her. She's as of late had her lips plumped once more, bosoms are respectable size yet she has a stomach which she keeps covered. Said she's Iranian I think. Especially welcomeing and needs to truly get serious - has that kind of imposing voice.

Gotten going with a back rub however that didn't keep going long. Needed to speak profanely and screw me rapidly. Pushed her chicken up agaisnt my butt, saying how she will make me her bitch and so forth.

Flipped me over and rode me and drove her rooster into my mouth and began throat fucking me. Flipped me back into my front. Inquired as to whether I believed her should put a Dom on :alarm: umm certainly. Screwed me from behind and talking filthy all the time saying how she believes should do me gravely and that I'm her devious prostitute.

Attempted to screw me pup however that didn't work that well. Took the Dom off and began face fucking me once more. Then she needed to fuck once more, 'are you certain I can't screw you quite uncovered' ummm not this time and that kind of did it for me. Inspired her to give me a Bj so I could complete over her tits.

Had a shower, no scramble for me to leave.

She's exceptionally lovely and the main thing that destroyed it for me was the BB demands. I made sure that she had a Dom on consistently separated from owo. Paid £100 for 30 mins. Will not be returning. Simply be cautious out there chaps.

The experience was really a positive and I partook in all the filthy talk and her fucking me however I'm discounting for the self-evident. She didn't attempt to slip it in revealed like some would attempt so I won't give a full regrettable simply a nonpartisan.

P.S her dick size was genuinely normal 6 inch. Not certain assuming that she bottoms.

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