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Turkish Ts Merve

TS Carol Delavega - Well Hung TS- Paddington - Review


New member
Nov 3, 2022
I saw that Song has distributed again a promotion for her administrations in London. This survey is anyway from her preavious visit (1 year and half back generally), yet given the absence of audits from different individuals I figured it very well may be helpful given that her physical appearence or demeanor shouldn't have changed emphatically over the most recent 2 years.

Her loft at the time was in the Paddington region, yet I comprehend she probably won't be excessively far from that point even today. Nothing also discuss, however huge room, enormous and clean bed, clean washroom so nothing to feature there. Planned arrangement moderately simple through text. I showed up to the area 15 minutes sooner since I misjudged venture time. She requested that I stand by in the space since she was all the while preparing.

When prepared I go higher up and meet her. She's wearing clothing and a dainty robe. She's immense, Exceptionally tall, long and powerful legs, quite huge feet. Her face seems to be her picures. Without cosmetics likely it would be very masculine, however she doesn't give television flows, she's a genuine TS, with genuine boobs (not really awful). Simply a truly young lady. Settled the concurred sum we begin to chill on the bed. She appears to be content that I am moderately youthful and she shows appreciation. We kiss a little (just thing I could have done without a touch of cigarette smell) and afterward get serious. Above all else little bracket. I'm not exactly drawn to the male body, but rather I have a fixation for exceptionally enormous devices of some sort. I'm generally little at 5.5/6 inch hard and very slight boundary. I surmise that we like/want what we can't have. Consequently why I like TS young ladies with extremely huge devices (best one I attempted commonly was Camila DelaTorre, who in a real sense obliterated me, not in London right now). Shut bracket, as said we began to truly get serious. I eliminate her underwear and open up her weapon. It's basically tremendous, there's not misleading communication here and I feel that the recordings in her profile I connected above don't actually do equity. A gigantic piece of meat. It's still delicate, seems to be an elephant trunk. I just love gigantic thick delicate apparatuses. I begin to kiss it, smell it and suck it and she rapidly gets hard. Presently it's in a real sense like sucking a water bottle, hard, thick, can scarcely take 1/3 of it in my mouth.

After some determined revering, she inquires as to whether I believe she should screw me. I say OK, yet I didn't have the foggiest idea what's in store. First she advises me to turn on my side and after some lube she attempts to enter. She got only the tip however it's mercilessly excruciating, I can't stand it and I request to if it's not too much trouble, stop. She then, at that point, stays on bed while I bounce on her and attempt to embed a tad of that beast gradually. I pursue a little yet is excessively excruciating and I tap out. Yet again I go to adore her apparatus for 20 or 30 minutes, choking on it and smacking it all over then I sit on bed with my back on the pads and stroke off while she stands up and screws my face. I come while choking on her beast.

Then, at that point, we stay a piece in bed together, she doesn't talk a great deal of English yet she's okay. Appears to be a straightforward young lady very rational. After a piece I shower and give a last glance at her enormous trunk prior to disappearing.

By and large I would agree not a great fit for everybody. Assuming you like more femine young ladies or young ladies that oversee more the gathering presumably there's better material out there. In the event that like me you need anyway to crunch on a genuine beast that is most certainly recomended.

Londonts link: https://londonts.com/directory/details.php?id=7826

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