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Turkish Ts Merve

TS Eloah Angel XXL - Paddington Worst Ts Experience


Nov 22, 2020
Ended up in central London in the early hours of Sunday, after messaging quıite a free transsexual escort, Eloah was quick to answer.
Her flat is located in a housing estate run-down block in Paddington, Inside the flat was Okey with a large bedroom and clean bathroom.
Her rates are £150/30 mins, however, she agreed on £100, which might have been a terrible mistake on my part in light of the fact that her service was very poor.

She was wearing a body net, scanty pants, and white socks. Charming looking, yet the pics are cleaned a little. Around 5' 7", dainty with a tight shapely body.
Kissing was exceptionally short and she wasn't sharp. She continued actually looking at her telephone, referencing how occupied she was. She created a condom straight away saying she just does cover oral. I was unsettled, so she yielded, yet the oral endured all of 3 mins.
'You screw me now, she said. I needed more foreplay and inquired as to whether I could suck her (she hadn't even eliminated her pants yet) 'I just base' she said. Fine, however, I actually needed to suck. I pursued a couple of mins, yet all that she could create was a limp semi (so much for the XXL).

She was quick to move things on, so put a condom on me and continued every one of the fours. Her butt felt much better, however, she began making bogus-sounding groans to urge me to cum, while as yet figuring out how to really look at her telephone. I was quite terrible into it and started to shrivel, so inquired as to whether she would suck me to get me over the line, yet again she expressed exclusively with the condom.
I chose to end it there without cumming, and she didn't appear to be tried, referencing she had different clients due.

I will not be returning!

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