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Turkish Ts Merve

TS Pornstar Mayumi Review - South Kensington Worst One!


Nov 22, 2020
Area: Basement Flat Between Gloucester Street and South Kensington stations


She is the individual in the photographs yet they are very photoshopped
She has her daily practice and it was a wearing meet out:
- Trying not to kiss
- Ass is loaded with silicone so you can't hit it and I could have done without the touch it seemed like these soft toys loaded with water prepared to explode
- Attempting to get to sex straightaway, bj endured 3 min max and was covered
- Can't pick an outfit
- When the primary pop is done she dances and asks you to jerk off, I can do that at home ...
- Run into the following punter while she is with me!
I truly felt like I was tossing cash down the drain.

In the wake of checking my previous reviews, I would agree that it's my most obviously terrible experience up to this point.
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