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Turkish Ts Merve

TS Thai TS Sky, Paddington


Apr 9, 2021
Correspondence: I reached her by WhatsApp last week. I found a solution very quickly and we met 1h later. Extremely simple. At the point when we were together, she was not generally straightforward and I needed to request that she rehash what she was talking about multiple times, however with everything taken into account it was fine.

Area: cellar level simple to find.

Cost: 200 first hour. 150 for the next hours. I remained a smidgen for over 3 hours.

Experience: it was a sluggish beginning as she needed to wrap her make-up. She offered me a beverage to stand by and we had a visit. Exceptionally decent. Then, at that point, shower and we hit the hay. I sucked her and she got hard rapidly. She then, at that point, took me in a few positions and came all over. Exceptionally extreme and hot! We then, at that point, had a break and she inquired as to whether I might want to meet one of her female companions ... also, I said OK. She reached her and she went along with us around 1h later. Meanwhile, I screwed Sky in a few positions and she appeared to appreciate it a ton! It was really hot.

Her companion Summer went along with us. Sublime Thai fellow, in her 20s, shockingly voluptuous, exceptionally hot. Before she went along with us, Sky let me know she could ramble ... what's more, thusly I ought to screw her when she showed up ... which I did! She sucked me and I screwed her in several positions. Again extremely pleasant! I left with an extremely huge grin all over. Incredible experience.


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