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Turkish Ts Merve


New member
Mar 5, 2021
"I'd been looking at the pictures of Victoria for a while but there were no reviews and 200 is a lot of money. She was a great Tgirl with ok English and was seriously good looking so I decided to go to her for an hour. Had second thoughts after geting to Stratford tube but when I got there I was a bit surprised that she really is fit!!! Dyed blonde hair with big lips, beautiful face and big, little tits. Nipped to the shower and had about 40 mins of fun with her. Second round was offered and she was quite chatty asking what I wanted. Even offered a levels but I said I would next time. Had a really good time overall and will see her again for the a. Decent flat in Stratford with candles and the usual. A good Tv girl and a good punt all in all. cheers"
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